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Put your Eskesso in any pot of water
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Prepare your food for sous vide cooking
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Easily program whatrecipe you are cooking
Sous vide steak
Wow your clients with a perfect meal
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  1. Colloquial Spanish word fromSevilla, Spain. Delicious.
    Synonyms. Mouth watering, appetizing, tasty, flavoursome, inviting, very palatable.
  2. Smart cooking appliance designed to revolutionise professional cooking. Cooks bagged food in water for perfect, evenly-cooked healthy meals. Controlled from any portable device so it does all the work.
    Synonyms. Convenient. Hassle free. Simple. Healthy.

Eskesso helps you create perfectly cooked sous vide recipes without the need to buy expensive machinery. Our appliance means you can add consistent quality to your dishes regardless of who’s cooking.

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