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Put your Eskesso in any pot of water
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Seal your bag of food ready for sous vide cooking
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Let Eskesso know what meal you are making
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Enjoy a whole new world of flavours
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  1. Delicious. Colloquial spanish word from Sevilla, Spain.
    Synonyms. Mouth watering, tasty, flavoursome, appetizing, inviting, very palatable.
  2. Alt. Smart cooking appliance designed to revolutionise domestic cooking.
    Cooks bagged food in water for perfect, evenly-cooked healthy meals.
    Controlled from your phone so it does all the work.
    Synonyms. Convenient. Hassle free. Simple. Healthier

Eskesso helps you become a sous vide expert without having to buy expensive machinery, letting you embrace the latest cooking technique being used by professional chefs across the world.

Turn into a master of the kitchen, conjuring up new and innovative recipes, creating even finer food, and competing with our global community of chefs and foodies to become a cooking star!

Over 2.000 people are getting ready to do easy cooking with Eskesso. Join them!

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