Eskesso in South Summit Madrid 2016

South Submmit 2016

South Summit 2016 (Madrid, 5-7 October) is one of the leading startups conferences in Europe aimed at bringing together startups, international investors and leading corporations in search for innovation.

For Eskesso being a South Summit finalist represents a great opportunity to go a step forward in their race to make a dream come true. After their fantastic experience in the FI-C3 accelerator and just before starting the StartupBootCamp IoT accelerator program in London, South Summit will help them gain visibility and look for the necessary mentors, advisors and investors.

During three days, visitors will watch some Eskesso cooking demo events in our desk, so we hope a lot of them can share you how easy is to cook with Eskesso, and can taste some exquisite meals.

South Submmit 2016
South Submmit 2016

One thought on “Eskesso in South Summit Madrid 2016

  1. Sebastiano Cupertino, Ph.D. (University of Siena - Italy) says:

    Dear ESKESSO,

    I’m very glad to have you as rep of ESKESSO participating at our euro-mediterranean conference in Siena (Italy) “PRIMA Stakeholder Forum” 22nd of May 2017.

    The Stakeholder Forum will be so useful to built a network within potential players who could be involved during the development of PRIMA initiative. For more information about PRIMA please visit following web site

    During our conference you could have a grate chance both to present your app as an innovation for agri-food Sector and to meet possible partners with whom could define together with your company a consortium able to present a South Mediterranean project which could be selected and funded by PRIMA members (in particular by European Commision, some European Union State Members, such us Spain, and some MENA countries).

    As reported in attached tentative programme you are going to present your business case during the Session 2 or Session 3, it depends by the median age which characterizes your corporate management. Let me know about it. Your presentation will not be longer than 15-20 min using slides in pdf or ppt format. We just need to have a description presented by your rep and your slides about your innovation focusing both technical issues and social benefits produced by your app.

    The audience of our conference will be composed by: EU-MED policy makers, entrepreneurs, financial advisors, academics, NGOs reps and public institutional local-international partners, students, other guest speakers. Remember that all of the participants could have the chance to interact improving the debate on corporate operating needs and solutions about innovation in agri-food sector. Therefore, your participation will be so important not only in presenting your business case but also in terms of suggestions that you could give in the final debate to match efficiently the corporate needs with the preparatory of next calls for financing projects provided by PRIMA.

    Regarding to the logistic issues. Our central segretary office will contact you asap supporting all your steps, showing pre-booked and paid travel-accommodation package. Generally, you should be in Siena on 21st May and your departure could be on 23rd May.

    I’m going to call you in the afternoon. For any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Best regards.

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