How does Eskesso work?

Eskesso step 1
Put your Eskesso in any pot of water…
Eskesso step 2
Add a pack of food to the mix…
Eskesso step 3
Select the recipe you are cooking and push START in our App…
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Return home for a wonderful meal!

What is this cooking sorcery?

Eskesso uses a French cooking technique called sous-vide. By placing a parcel of food in a pot of water and heating the water using a temperature controller – in this case the Eskesso appliance – you can accurately set the temperature of the water and control the speed at which the food cooks.

Doing this means that you don’t have to worry about over cooking food like you do when frying a steak in a pan. Instead you can cook a piece of food evenly and all the way through, giving you tender and delicious results that are always repeatable.

Some people like to add their food to a pan for a few seconds to quickly sear it, but if that’s not for you then just plate up and get eating!